Why Risk Tracker?

Community organisations and commissioners want to work in partnership to develop a deeper understanding of the individuals and neighbourhoods they support.

Risk Tracker helps community organisations describe the needs of the communities and individuals they support and show commissioners and other funders how they are delivering social value.

How it works

Risk Tracker is a simple to use client management tool that allows community organisations to identify an individual’s whole needs, and then measure the impact of their support against contractual and national outcome measures. Risk Tracker is free to use for up to three staff.

What we provide

Inside Outcomes is championing a collaborative, data-driven approach to commissioning that makes sense to individuals, communities, commissioners and national policymakers. Supporting organisations in the co-production and creation of successful neighbourhoods.

0 – 3 Staff

One Project

Free to Use

4 – 20 Staff

Three Projects

£150 per month

Risk Tracker helps community organisations:

  • Reduce the burden of reporting
  • Free staff time to focus on meeting people’s needs
  • Improve the way in which social impact is measured against contractual requirements and national outcome measures
  • Create the evidence base for funding bids
  • Collaborate with others to best meet the needs of individuals, neighbourhoods, commissioners and policymakers.

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“Inside Outcomes has provided us with a system that allows us to support a range of projects, monitor their effectiveness and compare their impact against national outcome frameworks. As an organisation we’ve always believed that when a person has a range of issues in their life it’s no good just looking at one in isolation, you need to look at the whole and this system enables that.”

Katherine Hewitt – Gateway Family Services

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