Sometimes it’s hard to prove impact. We developed the Risk Tracker system to help organisations who provide preventative services to record their work and demonstrate success.

The Risk Tracker web-based app is ideal for use on desktop and mobile devices and provides a powerful tool for managing clients and demonstrating outcomes.

One of the key challenges for organisations who provide preventative services is connecting your clients’ progress with the complex range of National Outcome Frameworks. As commissioners are becoming increasingly accountable to these frameworks, we see it as a priority for them to be able to demonstrate the impact of commissioned services against a range of target outcomes.

The Inside Outcomes Risk Tracker tool helps organisations to:

  • Record the common issues that clients present to services
  • Measure changes in those issues over time
  • Demonstrate the impact organisations have had in an evidence based way
  • Measure the impact organisations have had against National Outcome Frameworks

When demonstrating your organisation’s impact, you need the reassurance that you are using an evidence-based system of measurement. To support that, we have taken outcome frameworks such as the NHS Outcomes Framework, Social Care Outcomes Framework and Social Justice Outcome Framework, and interpreting them in terms of the issues clients present to services.

We have created a series of custom Risk Maps that reflect the issues clients commonly report, and aligned them with the public health life course. These Risk Maps cover diverse issues such as financial planning, housing and wellbeing, because we know the complexity of individual circumstances has an impact on your ability to provide services.
Our Risk Maps cover:

We are also able to tailor risk maps to reflect service specific needs such as:-

The Risk Tracker tool is designed to record information without getting in the way of the service you provide. It requires you to collect a minimal amount of information from clients, but provides you with the flexibility to customise.

Once your organisation is set up, you can add as many projects onto the system as you like, using different Risk Maps. You also have the facility to write your own questions so that each project reflects the data you need to collect.

Inside Outcomes continuously maintains the policy environment to ensure that your reports will always reflect the most recent National Outcome Frameworks and, as the Frameworks evolve, we keep you up to date with the impact this will have on your day-to-day operation.

We provide Risk Tracker free for anyone to use. We provide it under an open license so that you can run it in any way you want or even adapt the code for your own uses. You can access the code repository on our Github site. You can access the Risk Tracker manual here.

We also provide hosted solutions if you don’t want the responsibility of running and managing a server.