Why Service Design?

By using cross-disciplinary teams, agile project management and user focussed design, service design approach is able to implement solutions in a matter of weeks. Through iterative design, services can adapt to improve the experience of the people using them and significantly reduce the costs of creating services and improve the outcomes of the people that use them.

How it works

We support organisations to solve specific problems using service design thinking. This supports organisations to quickly understand the problems that people have and how they can best solve them.

What we provide We can work with organisations to understand how service design can help them to quickly build user-focussed services. We do this through facilitated workshops or working directly with teams in organisations to manage agile processes.  

Service Design Workshops


Embedded Support

Service Design helps organisations:


  • Identify problems
  • Fully understand user needs
  • Identify relevant stakeholders
  • Quickly develop ideas for potential services
  • Prototype ideas
  • Scale implementation
  • Improve outcomes

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