Case Studies

This page sets out some examples of work we have done with clients in more depth. It looks at the type of projects and how we have supported them to demonstrate impact. Generally the organisations we work with provide preventative services to clients over a period of time. The interventions tend to have an impact in terms of health and wellbeing but frequently the challenge is to measure the social value of the work done.

In line with the legal requirement for commissioners to demonstrate social value in the services they commission, we have made sure that we can demonstrate impact in relation to the Marmot life course. Being able to demonstrate impact in this way has helped our clients to develop and increase the contracts they hold.

Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau
We have been working with Birmingham CAB to demonstrate the impact of their Wellbeing Service. The Wellbeing Service operates in around forty GP practices across Birmingham. The service has been commissioned by all of the Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Groups and although it is a variation of previous provision in Primary Care, does demonstrate a commitment to supporting patients in a different way.
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Gateway Family Services – Diabetes Project
We have been working with Gateway Family Services to support their Pre-Diabetes project. The project takes patients that have been identified, by GPs as Prediabetic and supports them over thirteen weeks to begin to address issues around their lifestyle. Early interventions with people around diet and exercise can have profound effects on preventing people later developing Type 2 Diabetes.
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Age UK Oldham
Age UK Oldham Promoting Independent People (PIP) project works with older people to promote independence. The project commissioned by Pennine Care has been in operation since 2015 working with people identified by GPs, and other health professionals, who can benefit from some additional support to live independently.
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