Why Referral Tool?

Our Referral Tool app has been designed to quickly identify local organisations that you can refer clients to. It’s been created to complement any data system you use, entirely focusing on improving the quality of referrals.

We have created this to be used across a local area with all of the organisations using it to crowdsource the most effective agencies to help resolve problems.

How it works

Instead of being reliant on service directories, that quickly go out of date, Referral Tool provides easy access to information on local services. Looking at everything someone might want help with improves the experience of the person and the service you provide.

What Inside Outcomes do

Inside Outcomes is championing a collaborative, data-driven approach to commissioning that makes sense to individuals & communities. Supporting organisations in the co-production and creation of successful neighbourhoods. We can use simple approaches to generate anonymous data that describes neighbourhoods.


Working together

As all agencies, in a local area, are using the same definition of issues that clients are presenting; Referral Tool also provides an opportunity to put together a picture of local need. Referral Tool collects the local needs that are identified and creates anonymised reports that can help local commissioners see where there are particular areas of need.

Referral Tool helps you to:

  • Quickly find the most appropriate local services
  • Carry out quick client assessments that identify everything that people want help and support with
  • Easily map the issues that people present without collecting personal data
  • Help services to integrate around the individual
  • Track where you are referring people 

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“Referral Tool has helped us work together with partner agencies so that clients are helped to resolve the problems they face.  We know that clients often come to us in crisis and once that is sorted, the wider issues can get forgotten,  The referral tool allows both the client and our advisers to look at the bigger picture.  Clients can identify other areas they might need help with and the tool helps us immediately make that referral and appointment.  The tool means that we have a working knowledge of the local area and the services available, it can also mean that we see gaps in services, which helps with our role in informing policy and commissioning decisions. “

Vicki Fitzgerald – Citizen’s  Advice Sandwell

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