Case Study – Age UK

age_ukAge UK Oldham Promoting Independent People (PIP) project works with older people to promote independence. The project commissioned by Pennine Care has been in operation since 2015 working with people identified by GPs, and other health professionals, who can benefit from some additional support to live independently.

We have begun to support the project in it second year using our Risk Tracker system. The PIP project uses Risk Tracker to record a whole range of different issues that affect older people using our Ageing Better Risk Map. The map has been designed around the part of the life course the particularly deals with older age. This means that we record details about issues such as frailty, housing and financial resources.

This type of project exactly fits our model of assessing the full range of issue that affect an individual’s life and then measuring the social value that is added by dealing with the whole person. This supports agencies to work together better rather than defining clients only by the issues that are relevant to their service.

If you would like to know more about the work we are doing with older people then please email or use our contact form to get in touch.