Engaging Communities – Impact & Evaluation: A Developmental Approach

Join us in our Workshop on September 16th on Engaging Communities – Impact & Evaluation: A Developmental Approach.

We recently held a workshop on community resilience and many there asked for a workshop on impact assessment and evaluation.

There was concern that those involved in community engagement activities – both officers and elected members – faced problems of evidencing the good work they do in their own organisations, to those they work in partnership with and also to local communities.

So how can we evidence the vital and important work of engagement that is central to community development and local democracy? This is the subject of this workshop.

Those attending this workshop will gain:

  • an overview of the conventional methods of assessment
  • how to evidence the multiplier effect of community engagement
  • how to evidence the positive spin off effects of development work
  • how to evidence the importance of social capital
  • some understanding of community and personal resilience and what that means
  • some case studies of good practice
  • the importance of taking risks and
  • the role of social networking and the new media



09.30 Coffee and Registration

10.00 introductions Day (Francis Sealey GlobalNet21)

10.10 Engagement & Impact – The Dilemma

10.30 Open Discussion

10.45 Creating a Developmental Approach. This will be an overview and case study presented by Lucie StephensHead of Co-production at the New Economic Foundation (nef) and Helen Sharp a commissioner from Lambeth

11.30 Open Discussion

12.00 Lunch

12.45 Vicki Fitzgerald will lead the afternoon session. Vicki has developed a method of impact assessment important for those who work with Commissioners and are involved with community engagement. She will go through this and then take us through an interactive session so that we can develop our own way forward to positively evidence the work that we do.

  • This will be practical and focussed and give you some time think about:
  • How important is measuring your work to you?
  • What does value really mean?
  • The importance of sharing

Value is an individual thing – it means different things to different people? It’s quite personal?  Yet we all talk about it professionally, without exploring if we mean the same thing