Over the last few months we have had a great opportunity to work with Public Health England by taking place in some of their regional events. We have met a wide variety of commissioners and commissioned services and given them an overview of how we demonstrate outcomes through identifying personal risks. We’ve been really pleased with the feedback that we’ve got from these events and the genuine interest there seems to be in adopting a more holistic view of working with people.

Whilst we’ve attended these events many people have asked for a copy of the presentation that we gave. In order to make it easier for people to access this we’ve put a copy up on Slideshare. This gives a taste of our data dictionaries and how we use our Risk Tracker system to record risks for an individual.

The presentation itself is quite visual and there is a lot of extra information that tends to go with the presentation. We’d be  more than happy to talk to you about how you can apply this system to your organisation. If you commission services then we would also be keen to talk to you about how adopting this risk approach will help you demonstrate progress against national outcome frameworks.

If you do have any questions then you can contact us via our contact page or email us directly at info@insideoutcomes.co.uk.