risk_tracker_logo_positive_rgbWe are really pleased to be able to bring you this video guide to our Risk Tracker software. We have created this software as an easy to use, web based method of managing clients and demonstrating the impact you have with them.

Over the last six months we have been working with number of organisations to finalise the development of our software and extensively test it with large numbers of clients. The system is built to be used either on desktop computers or mobile devices to give you the flexibility to work with clients where ever you are.

At the core of the system is our unique method of managing clients using risk maps. Each of our risk maps are linked to national outcome frameworks so that you can evidence the work you do against national priorities.

It’s simple to set clients up but also incorporates powerful reporting tools to help you report on things that commissioners require. We also provide you the tools to create new projects, manage staff and even write your own questions.

We have also worked to make this a system that is ideal for all scales of organisation which is reflected in the price. Please email us for more details if you would like to talk about how we can support you to prove the impact you have.

We have created a short video guide that shows all the functions of Risk Tracker.