Mental_Health_smallWe are really pleased to be able to launch our Mental Health Risk Map. This risk map is designed specifically for organisations that work with people with mental health conditions. As with all of our risk maps the focus is not only on the diagnosed condition but the wider social and behavioural issues that people present to services.

A common feature of all of the maps we have produced so far is the importance of being aware of a clients housing and financial situation. As you would expect this is a key theme in relation to Mental Health. We have also included a range of lifestyle factors around smoking, alcohol and exercise which are explicitly referenced in N.I.C.E. guidance, for treating mental health conditions.

The outcomes that this map measures relate to:-

  • Improving Outcomes and Supporting Transparency
  • Social Justice Outcomes Framework
  • A framework for sexual health in England
  • Adult Social Care Outcome Framework
  • N.I.C.E. Guidance

We feel this is a comprehensive overview of the issues that clients present to mental health services and provides a foundation for linking different types of services together around an individual.

We would like to thank all of the mental have service providers and commissioners that gave input into designing and testing the risk map. The mental health risk map is now available for all organisations using the Risk Tracker system.