Last week we went to the West Midlands Academic Health Science Networks (WMAHSN) event on prevention. The Putting Prevention into Practice: Improving Outcomes event provided an opportunity for those of us that work in prevention to come together to discuss what is going on in the region.

As part of the event we were invited to run a couple of workshops looking at the work we do but with an emphasis on how we can design and commission better prevention services. This gave us an opportunity to talk about many of the problems that accompany moving to a focus on outcomes without embedding a fundamentally different approach to how services are designed. We are very focused on how Design Thinking can create agile services that respond to the needs of the people that use them but also become more efficient as they run.

We were surprised at how many people came along to the sessions and we really enjoyed the stimulating discussion on how we could do things very differently.

We’ve uploaded the slides from the event to Slideshare and you can also see them below.

You can also download the full presentation with the notes from here.

There is definitely a need to think again about how we design and commission services in the 21st century. We would be more than happy to come along and talk to any organisation about how you can embed this process into your future plans.