We are really pleased to be able to release our Suicide Prevention Dictionary for public use. Working with Reach out For Mental Health we have been looking at the risks and protective factors that relate to suicide prevention to help services measure their work and plan holistic support.

As with all of our dictionaries we have looked at the issues that are regularly presented to services and then looked at all relevant outcome frameworks and strategies to develop definitions and metrics. The suicide prevention dictionary calls on many of the frameworks you would expect including the Public Health Outcome Framework, Adult Social Care Outcome Framework and Preventing Suicide in England.

The dictionary covers a range of socio-economic, healthy behaviour and clinical issues that people present to services. Our holistic approach to individuals encourages services to look at all of the issues that people present in order to encourage services to wrap around a range of needs. Our experience shows that few services can offer a complete solution to a person’s support needs and understanding the whole person is essential.

Please feel free to take the dictionary and use to support your work.