diabetesRecently we have been working with Gateway Family Services to refine our Risk Tracker System to help them to support clients that have been diagnosed with Prediabetes as part of the National NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme. Such a diagnosis can be a great shock to an individual and often means they have to make significant changes to many aspects of their lives.

Our Risk Tracker tool is designed to help people, working with clients and patients, to identify the full range of issues that are preventing them to achieve good health and wellbeing. This is particularly relevant with a diagnosis of Prediabetes where factors such as blood pressure, diet, smoking and exercise can all contribute to poor health. Such a wide assessment also helps individuals to look at their lives as a whole and try and link up the changes they need to make.

Gateway staff work with individuals to help them understand the diagnosis the and fully understand the lifestyle changes they need to make to prevent progressions to Type 2 Diabetes. This involves helping to people to access education, supporting people to change their diet and referring them to other services that can help with other aspects of their lives. This early intervention is key to helping people make changes and can stop lifelong conditions developing.

diabetes_snapWe have used our Living Well risk map for a range of preventative health services but felt that in respect of Prediabetes we needed to tailor the map to be specific to the needs of those clients. This involved identifying new risks from NICE guidance and incorporating other risks such as having care plans in place.
The flexibility of the Risk Tracker system means we can quickly develop new Risk Maps that are tailored for the clients that present to a service. In the case of Gateway this means that they are able to report on those aspects of the full range of National Outcome Frameworks that are relevant to their clients and the service commissioners.

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