moving_clientThere is a growing realisation, from organisations that support people to improve their Health and Wellbeing, that it is how they work together that makes the real difference. Solely focussing on the issue that people present to services is unlikely to lead to positive outcomes purely because people are a lot more complex than that. Understanding the full range of issues that affect an individual is at the very heart of our system of Risk Management. Using our system, agencies can get a picture of all of the issues that affect someone and help them to get support.

The latest update to our Risk Tracker software takes the ability for agencies to work together with an individual to a new level. Risk Tracker has always supported organisations to create as many individual projects as they need. So if you are running an older people’s project you can keep this completely distinct from a money advice project. We’ve now added the facility for organisations to compartmentalise projects so that they can host other agencies they work with.

We recognise that more and more organisations are creating consortia to deliver contracts and they need a simple way to hold client information whilst protecting the integrity of their clients. With our new developments multiple organisations can work together and easily transfer clients between them. We use IDs to identify when a client is being supported by an organisation, or project within the same system, to provide alerts in order to prevent duplication of data.

These developments come as a direct request of the people and organisations that use Risk Tracker to manage their client information. We encourage users to tell us how the system can be adapted and we incorporate developments into a regular release schedule. We are committed to investing in Risk Tracker and making it the most reliable tool for managing clients and tracking impact and social value.

This is the second significant addition we have made to the system in the last six months and we are fully committed to maintaining this level of feature development.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you to measure impact and manage clients please contact us via our or email