We are really pleased to be able to announce a significant change to how Inside Outcomes works. Over the last few years it has been obvious to us that the aims of Inside Outcomes are the same as all the organisations that we support; we felt that should be reflected in the how the company is constructed.

To help us demonstrate the values of the company we have recently re-registered the company as a Community Interest Company. We feel that the change to being an explicit social enterprise helps us, and the people we work with, in a number of ways.

It sets out that we will use the surpluses that we generate to invest in the community we work with. It commits us to locking the assets we develop and making them available under Open Licenses for people to use for free. It gives us more flexibility to develop more free resources for voluntary and community organisations, such as giving people access to the outcome database that underpins our software. It means we are transparent in how we use the income we generate.

We had not anticipated developing software when this journey started. We had a unique method of measuring impact and social value and it was only through demonstrating these that our Risk Tracker and Referral Tool systems grew. It’s a testament to the organisations that we work with that we have been able to shape both systems into the some of the most intuitive and flexible pieces of software for working with clients.

As the basis of Inside Outcomes is to support organisations to demonstrate how effective they are we feel it is essential that all organisations should have access to outcome measurement tools This is why we were able to embrace the idea of giving our products away as open source software. We believe that there is an urgent need for the sector, as a whole, to embrace the use of open source to reduce costs and to better shape the systems they use.

We have demonstrated that effective software can be built quickly and cheaply. Even the smallest agencies should have access to the same quality tools that larger public sector bodies use.

We are keen to further develop our cross sector method of outcome measurement by working with more agencies and particularly agencies that work in unusual fields. The more agencies we work with then the more the overall system develops and the more functions that everyone can share.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us reach this stage in our development and we look forward to finding new people to share this journey with.